Fire boy and water girl Light Temple online game play

Fire boy water girl and water girl Light temple

Fireboy and Watergirl Game guideline

Just like the first Fireboy & Watergirl, there’s a boy fabricated from the fireplace and a woman made of water! The distinction is, currently they’re avoiding “dark mud,” and victimization mirrors to mirror lightweight everywhere the place! American state, and also the physics are additionally broken than ever!

The series of games fireboy and watergirl is extremely widespread among. Kids and flash games lovers. to this point the series contains four games and it’s expected that the fifth game. Can embark presently – fireplace boy and water woman five. The series has won various awards and honors for the simplest game.

The watergirl and fireboy notice themselves in mysterious temples and every time they fight to urge out of it. To succeed they have to solve puzzles and collaborate along. You’ll play alone by enjoying each the role of the boy and woman at the identical time or play together. With an exponent or a sib wherever every one of you management a distinct character. We expect that it’s far more fun to play along.

The Children should pass close to fireplace and water, what you must grasp is that Fireboy is proof against fireplace, thus he will step freely in pools of boiling volcanic rock, however he should use caution from getting into the water. Watergirl is proof against pools of water (which conjointly appearance a small amount like ocean water), however will get hurt by the volcanic rock. each kid ought to watch out for the other puddle on the manner (green or black). At each level, the goal is to succeed in the doors that lead you to the following space within the temple.

Fire boy & water girl Adventure

The fireboy ought to come back to the door marked in red and also the watergirl should notice her thanks to the door marked with a blue sign. On their manner, each character ought to devour diamonds that have an identical color as themselves. In levels marked with diamond, each woman and boy ought to collect the inexperienced diamond. The quicker you reach the doors of every level the higher score you get and better rankings.

To reach an answer for every level, you have got to press buttons to trigger lifts, push boxes and bricks to assist climb higher and move switches. within the temple of sunshine watergirl and fireboy will regulate the sunshine rays through the prisms and mirrors to direct them to the photosensitive sensors, and during this manner be able to amendment the varied parts on the screen. within the temple of Ice , optical maser beams will soften the ice, and freeze rays freeze puddles in order that you’ll cross safely. But note, within the ice temple watergirl cannot jump once walking on ice. Fireboy moves quickly once walking on the ice and water woman walks slowly. we tend to marvel what is going to happen to the youngsters within the following adventures game fireboy and watergirl five.

Fire boy and Water girl light temple game controls :

Operate Fire boy: Arrow keys. Activate water girl: Keys W, A, S, D.

The game was developed by the capital of Norway Prince Albert and distributed by and by Armor Games corporations.

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fireboy and watergirl

fireboy and watergirl

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