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Counter attack 1941

1941 Counter Attack making by Capcom

1941: Counter Attack is making by Capcom in 1990.

Capcom free 228 completely different machines in our info underneath this brand, beginning in 1984.

Other machines create by Capcom throughout the period. 1941 Counter Attack is making embrace journey Quiz two – Hatena. No Dai-Bouken, Mega Twins, Super Buster Bros., Capcom Baseball, Willow, Tenchi Wo Kurau, Coors light-weight Bowling, and journey Quiz Capcom World.

Players assume the role of a combat pilot throughout WWII and shoot down enemy planes, boats and alternative different structures.

Please note that the cupboard pic shown might not be that of a creative game.

1941: Counter Attack – KLOV/IAM five purpose User Score: 5.00 (1 vote)
Personal Impressions Score: five.00

 Overall 'Like': five.00
 Fun (Social): five.00
 Fun (Solo): five.00
 Collector Desire: five.00  Technical Impressions Score: five.00

 Gameplay: five.00
 Graphics: five.00
 Originality: five.00
 Sound/Music: five.00

Personal Impressions and Technical Impressions every account for half the entire score.

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